Strategy: “Keeping it simple, and making it work.

Many organisations fall victim to the paper tiger – a strategic plan document that passes the weight test but stays on the shelf, with no clear ambition that inspires ownership, commitment and accountability within the organisation.
What StratAfrique brings to the table is a simple but powerful process of engagement that helps you and your organisation weigh in on the critical issues that impact the business and stimulate conversations that transcend political tensions. We cut to the chase to determine:

  • what’s working well and what’s not,
  • what is acceptable and unacceptable
  • what must change
  • and who to hold accountable

The resulting insights are crystallised into a simple roadmap that provides clarity of purpose and can easily be shared across the organisation. However, this roadmap must inspire people into action, and so we work with you to cascade the plan and keep the execution process alive, using effective complementary tools and methods like ec@ps (the electronic compass aligned performance system) to monitor and evaluate progress.